Monday, January 8, 2018

Fun and excitement on the menu

So after those three days of really restricted eating, things have loosened up a bit on this Plant Paradox plan. But I didn’t want to just go back to eating exactly the way I was before (minus tomatoes and cucumbers and a couple of other foods with the dreaded lectins) so I decided to try some other things the author had talked about.

  • First off was nuts. I had decided they were bad for me, but apparently that’s because I was eating the wrong ones. (Cashews and peanuts bad. Macadamias, almonds, pistachios, and pecans goooood.) The book says to limit nuts to about a quarter-cup a day, which isn’t much, but it has been fun having them back on the menu at all.
  • Another thing I had given up was cheese, but the book talked a bit about how certain European cheeses were less problematic because of the fact that the milk comes from different breeds of cows. I noticed that my store had real Parmesan cheese, from Italy, that met all the requirements, so I brought home a little block of it. YUM. I’ve been making huge green salads as an excuse to shave cheese onto them. It’s probably good that it is so expensive, because otherwise I would just make a meal-replacement shake out of it.
  • Third, radishes. I used to eat them raw sometimes as a kid, but they were not my favorite. But I had heard that cooking mellows them out, so I added some to a stir-fry I was making (along with all their greens). I was surprised at just how mellow they got—in fact they were really delicious that way. So that’s a no-brainer to add to the veggie rotation.
  • Finally, sorghum. Apparently it’s one of only a couple of grains without a hull, so it doesn’t have the problematic aspects of most grains, PLUS YOU CAN POP IT LIKE POPCORN. I haven’t actually tried that yet, but I just wanted to you to brace yourselves.


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