Friday, October 15, 2010


Friday: Yoga, swim 2,500 yards

Didn't I tell you I was manhandled yesterday? Well, now I have massive bruises all up and down my right leg. Kind of weird bruises, too. Not purple. More like a raw hamburger color. And not really bruises, plural. More like one continuous, mottled bruise. Kind of a raw-hamburger motif overall.

Sigh. Tomorrow I'll post a picture.

That part of my leg hurts even to touch, and doing flip turns on that side was pretty painful. It made me grumpy with every stupid lap. Plus there was a woman at the pool forcing a swimming lesson on her 1-year-old, who SCREAMED the entire time. I was hungry and exhausted from yoga and wanted so badly to just go home, but I kept telling myself, "This is the Ironman, sticking with crap like this," and I did at least finish the workout.

My next PT appointment is Monday. There is NO. WAY. I'm letting anyone massage my leg in this state. Is this even normal? I almost hope it's still there on Monday so "Dan"—if that's even his real name—can see what he did to me.

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