Saturday, October 2, 2010

Now it gets serious

Saturday: Run 3 miles, swim 2,400 yards

OK! That's two weeks down, and the end of the period ominously labeled "Orientation" on the training schedule. I feel like I should get a cookie or something, but NO COOKIES FOR YOU. YOU ARE TRAINING FOR AN IRONMAN, LADY.

Actually? I had a profound insight about "training for an Ironman" while running today. (Ready for it? It's pretty doggone profound, so read it with the proper respect, if not reverence.) Here it is:

The training is the Ironman. Finishing the race is of course a big accomplishment, but in a more basic way it simply demonstrates what you've already accomplished. It's just the last day of a 40-week process that, bit by bit, makes such a thing possible.

Told you.

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