Friday, October 12, 2012

Where bad ideas come from

I saw a picture on Facebook from the Yellowstone-Teton 100-miler, a young guy running through gorgeous scenery. Well, Yellowstone to Teton? It would be gorgeous. I'd never heard of the race, which is odd since it's relatively local.

I Googled it and found some old results. Huh, looks like it just started in 2011. Checked out how many participants there were and their finishing times—only a handful, no one I knew, and man it takes a long time to run 100 miles. There was a 50-miler, too, but of course then you don't get to run from Yellowstone Park to the foot of the Grand Tetons.

Downhill all the way.
Went to the official website. Looked at pictures. Found a course map and an elevation chart. Looked at the dates and price.

THEN I realized I was doing all this curiosity-satisfying with an enormous grin on my face. How stupid is that? I don't even run anymore.

1 comment:

  1. SO appealing...

    (I don't live near enough to trails to embark on this sort of a project, I think, but I really love the idea. Also - no time on bike needed, which I think really is an asset!)