Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Free triathlon advice, just ask

My gym has a new "swimming class"; it's kind of like a mini masters team, but free, and with no ambition to be competitive. Just a bunch of people who get together to swim, and an instructor who brings laminated cards with the workouts. Perfect!

I found the whole thing shockingly exhausting this morning, so there's reason enough right there to keep going. (How long has it been since I've swum??) But the really nice thing was getting to meet some other swimmers, especially a woman about my age who's training for an Ironman next July. I told her I'd love to hear all about her training, and she told me she'd love to ask me for advice. I said, "Please do, because there's nothing I enjoy talking about more!" I think this was true. The trick will be getting me to stop, really.

This is still not a triathlon blog, but the Ironman does fall under TheBombDotMom umbrella, so if you'd like advice on how to finish one, you know who to come to.


  1. I hope you will share the advice you give her with us. I bet a lot of what she asks you will be things we would ask as well. I know it probably feels great to be asked advice about Ironman.