Thursday, October 25, 2012

It was worth it just to get outside my office

Why, yes, I did walk out the door in running clothes today. And then, in fact, I ran. I don't know how far* or how fast** it was, but I DO know how cold it was: 27 degrees, that's how cold. I clearly didn't pick the best day for this, but the fact is I didn't pick it; I just took advantage of my one moment this week when didn't need to be sitting at my stupid desk, grumbling about my stupid sore hip and earning my Grumpy money.

Oh, the run? It was fine. In fact, if I'm comparing it to other first-run-after-a-long-running-hiatus-es, it was probably the best one ever.

Back to work.

* More than one mile, less than two.
** Felt pretty fast, for me.

The wage-earner, on her photo shoot.

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