Friday, March 8, 2013

Change of heart

We had decided definitely we weren't going to Sectionals, but the decision was nagging at me. Or more like haunting me. In fact, I had a dream that Mik was standing in his room in utter despair, sobbing. That was the entire extent of the dream.

(Not that Mik was throwing a big fuss over this. He qualified, then qualified two more times for good measure, let us know he wanted to go, asked about it once, and then let it drop. He's awesome like that.)

Yesterday the coach called to see what we were doing, and I found myself starting the decision-making process all over again. I decided to pretend that we had decided to go, and see how that felt for a while. It turned out that that decision—despite all the logistics that needed to be worked out, the days off school (probably three, not two), the lost income, the long drive, the gas, the Seattle traffic, the eating out—was much less stressful for me.

So we talked it over some more and we're going. Maybe we'll go to fewer out-of-town meets in the next year to offset the cost or something. I still don't know if it's the right decision, but I feel pretty serene about that fact that at least it's not the wrong decision. Raise your hand if that last statement made sense.


  1. I'm so glad you decided this! We want things so keenly at any age, but especially when we are fairly young - it seems to me that if this can be done without financial disaster, i.e. if it can get traded for some other discretionary spending, it really will be wonderful. I am only sorry swimming is such an expensive sport!

  2. My hand is raised.

  3. Have fun! But it still seems like you could carpool or something. When is the meet?

    Oh, and thanks for posting again. I've been checking to see what you decided.

    1. The meet is March 22-24; we'll get back the evening before you arrive. We'll stay with Aunt B, and Dad is thinking about going with us. If so we'll take their car, which alleviates most of my real concerns about the trip. I would rather pay for gas than a third new transmission.

    2. Looking forward to seeing you. Have your dad bring the airbeds, room I have, beds I'm a bit short.

  4. Parenting isn't for wimps.

    I think you should start a "saving jar" for next year's Sectionals (and on to Nationals - at least that would be the goal). Since Michael and friends qualified in the relays there is a good chance that he and they will do that again plus qualify in some individual events, at least that would be the goal. When the mood strikes or you save some $$$ for not driving to a different meet, throw some cash into the jar and see if you can come up with enough to attend next year, or the year after.

    It's all good!

  5. I remember being a swimmer and how much my family sacrificed to allow me to go to meets two hours away almost every other weekend. It never got me anywhere athletically (at the time), but those were some of the best memories of my childhood.

    I'm all hopes that you guys have a BLAST and feel great about having gone once you're back home!