Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This weekend was the state swim meet, and it was a big deal for Mik—he swam his little arms off, and his relay team qualified for Age-Group Sectionals in three races. He's been dying to go to Sectionals but is miles away from qualifying in any individual event, so he was really, really thrilled. And he should be; the boys were amazing, and I'm really happy for them.

I'm less happy for myself, though, because now I'm racked with qualms. Am I really going to drive him 1,600 miles, have him miss two more days of school, and pay for four nights in a hotel and four days of restaurants, just so he can swim three relays? There are three other kids who want to do those races, and it would be a great experience for Mik, but is it $1,500+ worth of experience?

Probably not, right? And he's only 12. What would you do?


  1. A thought.... instead of a hotel and restaurants, check out airbnb.com. Maybe you can find a large house to rent - split four ways plus cooking at the house will reduce expenses. Using the website, we found a great 4 Bd/2Ba house for a mom's weekend getaway in St. Helena, CA.

  2. Do you know any of the other parents well enough to send him with them? If so, I would do that. Unless those are when we are coming to town, in which case we hope he will be home.

  3. It's a quandry...the first time I went to Nationals I only qualified in the relays. The next year I qualified in the relays and a whole bunch of individual events.

    How far under the qualifying time did the relay qualify? Sometimes that is something to consider.

    The Fed. Way pool is amazing...built for Olympic qualifications and a really cool international sports event that Seattle area used to host until they stopped having it.

    You can stay here; depending on traffic it's 1 - 2 hours away. No charge. :)