Monday, March 25, 2013

Flawed eCard of the Day: I H8 it when they do this

This is going to be a truncated rant, because we just got back from Seattle, and I have a…wait for it…giant pile of crap to get started on.

But I saw this today when I was catching up on my very important Facebook news (immediately preceding the crap-tackling), and I found it particularly aggravating. I have exactly two pet peeves, and this is like sandpaper on both of them:
  1. Other people's pet peeves.
  2. When people use bad English to criticize someone else's bad English.
So this eCard would kind of funny if it were punctuated and capitalized correctly.* But beyond that, who cares if someone types "B4" or "Thx" or "CU later"? Those are just abbreviations. Yeah, they convey a certain extreme informality, but if you're going for that, then you're going for that. As long as it's not in an English paper or a doctoral dissertation, what difference does it make? (Wait. Is it in an English paper or a doctoral dissertation?)

* It's "before," not "B4." You speak English, not bingo.

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