Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Going strong

I was hoping to get the 1,100-page book that represents the first stage of Typhoon Dopey early yesterday, but instead I got an email saying there was going to be a delay. Noooooo! I was all geared up to workworkworkworkwork and had already made some very specific vows to myself regarding Facebook and other Internet time-wasting, so I did what any complete lunatic would do and spent the morning bouncing between vacuuming, cooking, checking my email, and cleaning out my closet.

(As a side note, do you know how many white turtlenecks I had in there? SEVEN. Do you know how many times I wore a white turtleneck last winter? ZERO. So one with holes got thrown away, the four worst-fitting ones got donated to charity, and the other two are back on hangers. Because who knows, maybe I'll go sledding next winter. Two days in a row.)

Anyway, having a clean closet feels great, and right after I finished it, the book did show up, so I've settled down and gotten tons of work done in the past day and a half. I'm surprisingly cheerful about it, too. Must be the perfect-living-in-every-way honeymoon period.

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