Thursday, December 19, 2013

Another new Sneezy

I landed a new job recently (which I guess I will have to call Sneezy, since that's the only name available). It's going to be steady work and a biggish time commitment, so if things all work out as planned, I should be able to drastically reduce my work with or even resign from Grumpy in the near future, which makes me…Happy.

Time will tell. Right now I'm immersed in the most unbelievable pile of pre-employment paperwork I've ever encountered. Seriously, it's more like buying a house than securing a few-hours-a-day job, in terms of both the bureaucracy and the sheer effort involved. I think I've now followed almost all the steps and sub-steps and sub-sub-steps, and now all that remains is to have "a notary, employer, trusted friend, or colleague" verify that my driver's license and social security card are legit, have that person fill out a two-page form, scan and email the full 10-page form, scan and email the IDs, and then snail mail all the hard copies. That's one sub-step, in case you were wondering.

But I'm confident that this is going to be a good thing in the long run. In fact, I'm making this my goal for 2014: to find some balance with my career. For me that means making enough money but without sacrificing my flexibility and family time or overworking myself for weeks on end. (Being overworked for days on end is inevitable, but I can deal with that.)

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