Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kitchen experiments with my new pet ingredient

My first potato starch experiment was making tortillas. I just took the flatbread recipe and added some water to make them even flatter. It worked like a charm, and it was lovely to see the family enjoying their soft tacos. The only complaint about the tortillas was that there weren't enough tortillas.

But that was yesterday. Today I tried making sopapillas. The batter tasted like it was made of honey and angel tears, and I had confidence that the potato starch would hold everything together when I fried them up. So I quickly plopped four balls of dough in the pan of oil…and they simultaneously disintegrated and caught on fire. Or something. I couldn't really see through the smoke. I had to take what was left of the batter and bake it in balls on a cookie sheet. What came out was an interesting cross between a cookie and a biscuit and a crepe, but frankly not something I care to ever eat again.

The problem is, every once in a while I arbitrarily throw ingredients together in a bowl and it comes out brilliantly, so I don't like to stop trying. It's like Facebook: 90% junk, but you hate to give it up and miss the 10% that brings joy to your life.


  1. bummer about the sopapillas, making and eating them is one of my fondest memories from college.

  2. I like that you try things. And LOL about FB. Mine is more like 70/30.