Sunday, December 1, 2013

A new ingredient to experiment with

I just made a fascinating and wonderful discovery, if you're the type of person for whom the topic of gluten-free flours produces wonder and fascination.

Let me back up a little bit so you understand. I've mentioned the benefits of resistant starch before, but some reading I've been doing lately has gotten me interested in it again. Green bananas are a convenient source, but it's sometimes hard to find them, and of course they don't stay green for very long. The article I linked to above mentioned potato starch, and I had heard that it was also a nice binder for Paleo breads. That's really important to me, because the usual binder for Paleo breads is eggs, and Dex is allergic to them (and of course I also avoid them now). I've come up with several eggy, bread-like things that Mik likes, but I've had zero success in all this time trying to make bread or pancakes for Dex.

Anyway, I bought some potato starch in bulk today, and while I was messing around in the kitchen with something else (homemade ketchup!) Dex made a three-ingredient Paleo flatbread. It was amazing! Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and it held together far better than any gluten-free bread I've ever made. I could easily see turning this recipe into tortillas, pancakes, pizza crust—shoot, it reminded me so much of sopapillas that I think I'll try those first and see if I can make M.H.'s day. Potato starch might also be the secret ingredient I need to actually create an egg-free, grain-free sandwich bread (which is frankly the Holy Grail for me right now).

The only thing to temper all this enthusiasm is that, to get a decent amount of resistant starch, you really need to eat the potato starch raw, but I guess none of the above keeps me from tossing some into a smoothie once in a while.

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  1. you could soak chia seeds and use that as an egg substitute...just a thought.