Monday, January 20, 2014

All the updates

My neck feels much, much better, but I'm continuing physical therapy anyway. It's still pretty tender, and Dan the Physical Therapist thinks there are a couple of underlying problems contributing to both my shoulder pain and my neck pain. I can't wait to be cured and never wake up with a sore neck again. (Plus I like getting a therapeutic massage every of my life; I won't lie.)

I also can't wait to get back to yoga. And "the squat project." But in case for some reason I never do get back to it, here's been my takeaway so far: If you do 100 air squats a day — 10 at a time whenever you happen to think about it — you can achieve a whole lot of goodness with no sweat, no equipment, and not too much effort. That will be nice to remember when work gets busy again, which should be, oh, tomorrowish.

And speaking of work, I seriously love my new job with Sneezy. There are a few minor frustrations to iron out, but the work itself is tremendously fun, and I get to write headlines again, which brings me so much joy. I may even get to write articles at some point down the road, which I would love. It's also nice to have a couple of hours of guaranteed work every weekday, so that even if nothing else happens to be going on, at least I feel like my family won't starve.

Was that all the updates? I think that was all the updates.

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  1. Squats are part of my PT for my knee. I do about 60 a day. My legs are getting stronger.