Monday, January 27, 2014


I graduated from physical therapy last Friday, and today my neck feels almost like a completely normal, functioning neck again. (I believe, for example, that if someone sneaked up behind me and banged two frying pans together just over my right shoulder, I could react without causing myself pain. But just to be safe, don't try it.) The plan is to go back to Dan in a couple of weeks and get a diagnosis and plan of action for healing my shoulder. Until then, I'm supposed to just take it easy and try not to break any other body parts.

It hasn't been too hard to not get any physical activity, though, because on Thursday morning I got an email from Happy letting me know that his next 900-page book was supposed to go to press in less than a week, and could I please proof, cross-reference, and index it by Monday morning, kthanksbye? So I rallied some subcontracting troops and made that happen (thus ensuring that next time we will get only three days to do the work), but I haven't been out of my desk chair for four days straight. 

The path to neck recovery was laid out pretty clearly to me, but I keep forgetting how it is you're supposed to recover from your brain being broken by a work marathon. Something like, "It's okay to sit and stare a lot, and don't expect too much of yourself for a couple of days?"

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