Saturday, July 5, 2014

The running news is not so good

So, this “Get serious about running” thing:

I’ve been outside for a short run every other day since June 30. Usually, I run until it feels like my calf can’t really take much more, and then I walk back home. I’ve been gradually increasing my distance, which is good, but I still can’t quite run a full mile before feeling like I’m on the verge of reinjuring myself (I just mapped today’s run, and it was 0.87 miles). Which is not good.

Every time in my life I’ve been in a running mode, I re-realize that it actually feels good and is kind of fun, but right now I’m also frustrated. Every part of me other than my left calf feels capable of doing much more. And now I think the smart thing to do—the “Get serious” thing—would be to scale back again to walking on the treadmill at an incline, at least some of the time, because that weak link is the thing I’ve most urgently got to fix if I have any prayer of doing a race at any speed in just over two weeks.

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