Monday, September 22, 2014

Part 2: The backstory

So I’ve been eating various degrees of a Paleo diet for at least two years now, and it’s been pretty good to me. I felt more energetic, I had more enthusiasm for things, I slept better, lots of other random good things happened, and I lost weight. I also stopped beating my body down with “cardio” training, which was supposed to produce all those pleasant effects but never really did.

I was satisfied with all this for a while, but lately I’ve started to get frustrated. While my weight tiptoed into the “normal” BMI range, it then got stuck around there. And I noticed that there are a lot of other women who eat Paleo — Paleo role models, even — in the same boat. They always preach that the important thing is health, but with all the effort I was putting into eating well, I really felt that the result should be physical awesomeness as well. Why couldn’t I be healthy and willowy?

So then one day I read on a blog that some people were having a lot of weight-loss success combining Paleo principles with something called the Carb Nite Solution, and my ears perked up. Hmmm, I thought. That cheesy-sounding name and the misspelling of “Night” should make me immediately skeptical, but I am primed to grasp at any shred of hope for losing a few more pounds!

Stay tuned for parts 3 through 12.

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  1. Because I inherited Big Jim's sweet tooth, my problem would be to limit a carb "pig-out" to just one night. I find the sugar monster will take over.