Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Part 3: Conditional buy-in

Continuing my story

Of course I did a bit more research into Carb Nite and this guy John Kiefer right off the bat. Carb Nite still sounded nutty to me, but Kiefer himself seemed to be a serious and legitimate expert on nutrition and physiology. I learned that he had refined his thinking somewhat since writing the original Carb Nite book, and that he has a treasure trove of podcasts and videos dissecting all the latest research and explaining things (mostly in terms that are way over my head).

So I did do a little homework, at least enough to convince myself that the idea was worth a try. But, really, at that point, how was I not going to try it? It held the promise of three things I truly love: self-experimentation, losing weight, and eating chocolate-covered macadamia nuts once a week.

So I told M.H. I was going to experiment with this new thing and that he could join me if he wanted. Of course right away he found this ridiculous link. He insisted that I not tell anyone I was doing this because it would undermine everything I’ve ever said about nutrition and that people would definitely think I was a gullible lunatic who must be stopped. And then he agreed to do it with me.

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