Friday, September 26, 2014

Part 6: Two roads diverge

Here’s the part of my tale where I throw in a shocking twist and do not brag about the amazing weight loss I had in the weeks that followed. In fact, I gained a couple of pounds after every Carb Nite (which is to be expected), lost them again in the week that followed, and then started each Carb Nite weighing exactly what I weighed the week before. And I still felt like I was dragging through my life.

I stayed with it anyway. According to everything I was learning about this diet, it can be slow—and particularly for women, whose bodies are extra-reluctant to give up the energy stored in the muscles and switch to fat burning. I figured if I was actually destroying fat cells rather than just shrinking them—and adding a little muscle in their place—then it was still more than worth it. Of course, I had no real evidence that that was happening, either.

What I did have was M.H., who was feeling fantastic, loving the ultra-low-carb days, loving the Carb Nites, and basically evaporating before my very eyes. He was losing 1 to 3 pounds a week consistently and looking muscular—like some kind of freaky Carb Nite poster boy.

What? No, I wasn’t jealous. I was…inspired. It was especially inspirational how he’d give me advice, like that the reason the diet wasn’t working as well for me was that I’d eaten a single grape earlier that week.

(Get up to speed by starting with Part 1.)

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