Saturday, November 22, 2014

The new normal

5 a.m. swim practice is continuing to turn our lives upside down, but some of it is good. It means I get in two extra yoga classes a week with my favorite teacher, and I’m starting to feel really strong again for the first time since my shoulder injury more than a year ago. It’s still hard to force myself out of bed, though. And, hypocritical as it is, I still can’t repress my instinctual reaction when I walk in the door at that hour and see EVERY treadmill humming, which is, “All you people are nuts.”

Going to bed and getting up early also puts us more in sync with the sunlight. There’s really no getting around it being dark for a bunch of your waking hours this time of year, but the sun has been rising just about the time I’m leaving yoga or am working on breakfast, which is nice.

The major downside, though, is that we are even more out of sync with Dex. I rescheduled our dinner hour so that most of the time we can all be there, and I’m clinging to it hard, even if it’s just once a day—and even if three of us have to go to bed right after the dishes are done.

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