Thursday, January 29, 2015


I’m trying to make sure my January resolutions are all checked off before the month comes to an end, and I distinctly remember that part of the deal was that I was supposed to blog about my Appreciation topic. Groan. A sappy post about how much I’m thankful for my health? I think not.

So I’m really thankful that I’m in charge of this rule, because I’m changing it. I will keep my gratitude to myself, and you will just have to trust me that I did a super-great job of feeling it.

Actually, if I can think of a better A, I might just change the whole thing altogether. Because (again, just trust me on this) a sense of gratitude is not something I ever lack or need to work on. And it makes me feel gross and squirmy to force myself to write about it.

Now, what’s another word for “rule” that starts with A?


  1. Acceptance, as in trying not to let some nagging thing bother you?

    1. Oh, I like that one. I've also thought of "Add," meaning add a permanent habit to my life, "Act," meaning a random act of kindness, "Adventure" meaning try something new, and "Another rule," meaning I am addicted to rules. :)

  2. application? authority? absolute?