Monday, January 26, 2015

Spin fail

I tried really hard to like spin class today. I even started a blog post where I humorously listed all the positive things about it. But it made me want to vomit (the post, not the class).

Then I went to work for a while and within a few minutes found myself quite literally yelling at all of the following:
  • Microsoft Word (no huge surprise there).
  • My teacup (it spilled very hot liquid on me).
  • My socks (they were twisty).
I thought M.H. was exaggerating when he expressed the concern that spin class was going to make me come home and yell at him. (Note to self: Never doubt that man.)

The weird thing is there wasn’t really anything wrong with the class. I was irritated that the instructor used the word “cheating” about 80 times—sitting down is “cheating,” taking more resistance off than instructed is “cheating,” and so on, plus she told us again that it was okay if we “hated” her—but overall I thought I enjoyed it more than last week.

Yet…I am undeniably grumpy. Maybe I’ll try one more time next week, just for the sake of science.

1 comment:

  1. Don't do it Julie, don't do it! If not for your own sake, think about the rest of your family.