Monday, January 19, 2015

Spin class

Me: “I’m off to spin class. I think I’m going to wear earplugs and drink hot green tea instead of water.”
M.H.: “Those earplugs are going to sweat right out of your ears.”
Me: “Oh, I’m not planning to sweat. But I guess it would be better to take a water bottle.”
M.H.:You may not sweat, but you’ll still get wet from all the people around you sweating.”
Me: “If I take the Ironman water bottle, that might give me enough street cred that they don’t even notice I’m not doing the real workout.”
M.H.: “Sploosh! Sploosh! Sploosh!”

We had a conversation after spin class, too. But it was mostly me ranting about spin class and M.H. begging me never to go to spin class again.

HOWEVER, I was right that peer pressure (and music) got me to do a lot more biking than I would have otherwise. I did the parts of the class I wanted to do and ignored the parts I didn’t. I also ignored the instructor’s encouragement—e.g., “You can hate me later, just don’t quit now!”—because I am a grown woman who can decide this kind of thing for herself. I mean, seriously, I find that statement so ridiculous. How about if instead I just do as much as I feel is appropriate and continue to keep my personal feelings about you neutral to positive?

But I know I am strangely irrational on this subject, and I feel more ranting coming on, so let me just cut myself off right there and say that the earplugs were an excellent call, I really liked the music, I did sweat a little, I was happy with my workout, and I am leaning toward going back next week.


  1. hahahaha! oh Julie. You are my new, best hero! :D

  2. I can't see a reason for you to attend if it makes you so angry.