Monday, January 5, 2015

Swimming wisdom

Swim today! It was short but pleasant. My goggles have been sitting neglected in a bag for a year and a half and are really leaky now, so I couldn’t go farther than a 50 without stopping to empty them. But that’s fine; I’m more or less starting all over again, and just getting in the water is a victory. (And new goggles are already on order, so next week’s victory should be less eye-irritating.)

Short anecdote: I was having a conversation with Mik about swimming. He has a new, much more serious coach, and he was complaining that practices are never fun anymore. My response was, “But you’re getting so fast. Isn’t winning fun?”

And he replied: “No. Fun is winning.”

Kind of an unexpectedly profound insight from that one, is all.


  1. I am back in the pool today for my first swim in a long time! Kinda dreading it but yet excited!

    1. I think it takes three or four swims until it doesn't actively suck. Good luck! Fun is winning!