Thursday, September 3, 2015

All the happy buzzwords

The secret diet I’ve mentioned a few times has officially been released, so I can call it by its real name now: “AltShift” (by Jason Seib). M.H. and I have been following the AltShift rules for about three weeks, and so far I’m impressed—but not surprised because, as I mentioned, I have nothing but trust and respect for the author. (Still, I’m glad I volunteered to edit this for free because, for some reason I don’t quite understand, I would much rather provide $100 or so worth of pro bono editing work than shell out $25 for an ebook.)

Anyway, we’re AltShifting our little hearts out over here, and KonMari-ing them, too. Or at least a version of KonMari. She suggests that after tackling clothes, you next move on to books, but I don’t think M.H. and I are emotionally prepared for that. Instead, we’re getting rid of other stuff as fast as we can, and I just did a ruthless culling of the junk that was in my office and rearranged some furniture.

I guess it says something about the quality of this diet that both M.H. and I are losing inches AND experiencing a shocking degree of motivation for large projects.


  1. I did purchase the E-book. I'll read through it this weekend (when I have time).

    I too have started KonMari-ing, but I am still on clothes. I have permission to go through my husband's closet too. I have "sort of" gone through the books, but it is harder than the clothes. After 6+ decades I have too much stuff and REALLY need to cut things down. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Soooo can you give the gist of AltShift without getting in trouble? I'm thinking it has to do with raising and lowering caloric intakes ...

    1. Yes, you alternate between five days of low-carb, higher calorie eating and then three days of low-fat, lower calories. There's a Facebook group going where people are discussing everything in great detail—just join it and eavesdrop!