Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Walking into winter

I added up all my Map My Run walks and determined that, to meet my goal for September, I need to walk eight more miles between now and tomorrow tonight.

I guess I could do that. But I could also prorate the mileage (after subtracting out the four days I was sick and physically incapable of walking) and announce that I am not only done but did a mile extra! Since work is starting to pile up and I feel like I complied with the spirit of the goal, I am leaning toward option 2. But chances are M.H. will see this and make me death-march the last eight miles with him tonight and tomorrow, so who knows.


Speaking of death-marches, winter is coming up, a season that usually starts halfway through fall and ends halfway through spring. I am traditionally not a fan. I don’t have seasonal affective disorder or anything—I’m just not looking forward to six months of dark and cold. And wind. And snow. And ice. And the barren stillness that settles sullenly over the land. And did I mention never, ever seeing the sun?

BUT ANYWAY, I’ve been trying to think of ways I can use my GREAT resolutions for October to do things to prepare—emotionally or physically. I was thinking, for example, of making my errand something that spruces up the house to make it seem brighter and cozier. And for sure I’ll need an affirmation to help me cope (“I welcome the changing of the stupid seasons!”). Any other ideas? I’d love suggestions for a goal, rule, errand, affirmation, or theme.

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