Sunday, January 31, 2016

GREAT report card

I decided that I need to post on the last day of each month to evaluate how I did on my GREAT resolutions, just to have some sort of accountability. So these were my plans for January, and this is how I did:
  • Goal: I spent just over 100 minutes in meditation, which is nice, but the goal was 155, so just going by the numbers (65 percent of goal), I give myself a D.
  • Rule: I was supposed to follow AltShift to the letter, and I actually did on 28 out of 31 days. That’s 90 percent, but I feel like the spirit of this rule was all or nothing. Guess I’ll split the difference between A and F and give myself a C.
  • Exercise: I walked a ton, got faster, and got so I didn’t even mind being on the treadmill. A.
  • Affirmation: How to grade an affirmation? Is it based on whether I actually said it to myself or whether I actually did the thing I was affirming? Or maybe whether I made adequate progress toward the thing I was affirming? At any rate, I got an A on all counts this month, so I’ll revisit the grading difficulties another time.
  • Task: Done and then some. A.
January GPA*: 3.0. Student is working below potential. Enjoy having in class.

* GREAT point average, naturally

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