Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ha ha oops

How long since I said it was pretty easy to keep my health-related resolutions? Six days?

Oh, naive, young, innocent Julie of January 13! Since then I’ve eaten pizza and cookies twice (we had them in the house for a kid party) and binge-watched 15 episodes of The West Wing on Netflix. I’m still walking and meditating every day, but I’m so bored with the meditation part that it HURTS. I guess my inner Rebel is still kicking and screaming about being a person who takes great care of herself.

Anyway, the AltShift advice for falling off the wagon is to immediately climb back on the wagon and pick up where you left off, so I’ve done that. I’ll try to refocus my Rebel energy to taking a stand against the idiotic and unscientific USDA dietary guidelines that indirectly got everyone fat in the first place.

I have no immediate plans to stop watching The West Wing, though. It’s really good.

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