Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day Two

We are back from the last swim meet/travel for a while and the Great Re-Giving-Up of Sugar has commenced. Actually, we went ahead and restarted the AltShift clock and are doing that again, which is what makes this Day Two. (I’m still pondering some even stricter eating but have decided that Easter is going to be too much of an obstacle to doing a proper Whole30 in March.)

Somewhere I also found a renewed enthusiasm for cooking and have already made kale chips, tomato soup, and homemade toothpaste—well, I’m not planning to eat the toothpaste, so I guess that part of it is better classified as a renewed enthusiasm is for low-impact living. It’s shocking how bits of “Zero Waste Home” keep sneaking into my life years after I dismissed them as crazytalk.

Also, yesterday I bought beets. I don’t know if even I like them, but I’ve heard they’re good roasted, and I saw some golden ones in the store that looked like they could be a promising gateway beet.

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