Monday, February 29, 2016

GREAT report card for February

Here’s how I did on my February resolutions:
  • Goal: Memorize Ephesians 4. This turned out to be a tough one, given that it’s a pretty long chapter (and a pretty short month). I got to the point, though, where I could type it out with a couple of quick peeks and a handful of wrong words. I’m fairly satisfied. B
  • Rule: Meditate for three to five minutes per day. I was really good about this because, strangely, three minutes feels a lot shorter and is a lot easier to commit to than five. I’m also beginning to master the fine art of thinking about my breathing while still actually breathing, so that’s nice. I’m not making a specific resolution to meditate in March, but I think I can keep the three-minutes-a-day thing going regardless. A
  • Exercise: Reintroduce myself to the squat. I read up, watched some videos, got my form as perfect as I could, and worked on squats several times a week for the whole month. Plus, I get extra credit for noticing early on that my right quad was starting to feel strained, not playing through the pain, taking a few days off, and then carefully starting up again. A
  • Affirmation: “I take great care of myself by practicing moderation.” I had a lot of trips and  celebrations and events in February, and I had hoped I could eat whatever I wanted and then snap right back to healthy eating habits after each one was over. I forgot to take into account that junk-food events lead to junk-food leftovers, and also that I am not really the moderation type. On the other hand, I was pretty good about actually saying this affirmation, which I’ve decided should count for 80 percent of my final grade. C
  • Task: Install a shelf in my closet. On February 8, we had a 60-degree day that coincided with a light work day, and BAM! It’s so beautiful. A
GPA: 3.4

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