Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Resolution fallout

Another one of my March resolutions was to “Explore some more sources of yoga.” I assumed there must be a ton of stuff on the Internet, but the first thing I noticed while looking around online was a recommendation to check out “Yoga with Adriene.” I did, I found out she has oodles of videos on YouTube, I did one, it was awesome, and now I’m set for life, even if I never find another source of free yoga. Which is unlikely, since I’ve spent about two minutes looking for it so far.

So that was nice, but it made me face something I’ve been in denial about: Aside from the one yoga instructor I really love—and the swimming group starting up again soon (assuming I can swim)—I don’t think there’s much value for me in my gym membership anymore. Here are the arguments for giving it up:
  • I hate subsidizing all the super-intense hour-long cardio classes they keep adding that I truly believe are damaging to people’s health in the long term.
  • I don’t like the feeling that the only way to get my money’s worth from my membership is to make “fitness” a hobby, as I see tons of people doing. I want exercising to be a means to an end—good health—not an end in itself.
  • Every time I walk in the door I feel pressured to buy better workout clothes, because they sell them right in the lobby, and literally every woman there has a full wardrobe of adorable flowy-yet-functional yoga stuff that they bought for one million dollars.
  • Related: I really like working out at home, where I don’t have to deal with my hair and can be an unshowered hot mess in peace.
Their are arguments on the other side, of course, but I just don’t think I can justify spending the money anymore. I think I’ll cancel—and if I change my mind I can always uncancel.

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