Saturday, March 12, 2016

Another swim

In a fit of minimalist resolve, M.H. and I went to the gym earlier this week and canceled our membership. M.H. thinks he might join up again—or maybe find a cheaper option—when the weather turns bad next winter, but I think I’m going to try living without this particular luxury for a while.

Since my easy-access-to-a-pool days are numbered, I went back the next day and tried swimming again. It wasn’t terrible! I didn’t attempt butterfly, but I can do the other three strokes with minimal pain. On the other hand it wasn’t no pain, so I ended up doing 800 yards of mostly kicking.

Because my shoulder seems on the verge of being cured, now I’m contemplating trying another round of taking Advil for eight weeks to see if I can get it the rest of the way there. Ughhhh, but it would be so great if it works!

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