Monday, August 29, 2016

Hike to Beauty Lake

The purpose of this post is to 1) brag about having actually planned and executed a hiking trip and 2) to record it for posterity because we might want to go back someday.

M.H. and I headed out yesterday morning for a hike to a place called Beauty Lake. It’s up over the Beartooth Pass on the Wyoming side (Beartooth Lakes trailhead, trail #621) and also passes another cool lake called Crane Lake.

The hike is not a long one—we probably did six or seven miles total, and only because we did so much wandering off the trail—but it has its moments of difficulty. It is steep in places, and the elevation makes climbing fairly brutal! The views are crazy, though; here are my favorite photos:

A mossy creek draining Crane Lake.

Exploring around Crane Lake

Crane Lake in all its glory

Sticks, scenery and Beauty Lake

OK, it’s not bragging if you call yourself “Beauty Lake.”

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