Thursday, August 25, 2016

Loose ends

The resolutions hiatus became a blogging hiatus, so I’ll just tie up all the loose ends I left hanging this summer:
  • The eldest child did indeed leave for college before we knew it. (The worst.)
  • I stopped messing around with other infused water combos and just drank a never-ending stream of lemint all summer.
  • I made it to the mountains exactly once, which is pathetic, but early September is also a lovely time up there, so all hope for technically-still-summer fun is not yet lost.

…and I guess that’s it. I’m feeling the usual overwhelming desire to get myself on some sort of schedule as soon as school starts, but that’s tomorrow (a Friday) for some reason, so I think I’ll hold off on any such plans until Monday. I’m still pondering whether I want to do September resolutions at all, but I’m leaning toward making some easy, concrete ones. As nice as it was to have a break, it’s also nice to set some intentions, and it usually results in at least one thing being done that otherwise was never going to be done, so that’s a plus.

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