Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Breaking my own rules

Blog silence is mostly due to work overload, but I was also devastated by the election results—to the point where I got so angry that I unfriended a bunch of people and decided it would be prudent for me not so say anything about it ever again, on any forum. In fact, I reached the conclusion that a result like this can only have been the result of a vast group of people having a backlash to being told how stupid they are all the time by people like me, so my recent thoughts have been particularly unhelpful.

(I also broke that no-posting rule long enough to tweet: “If you voted for the biblical definition of a fool, DO NOT turn around and tell me we should ‘pray for wisdom’ for him”—which is something I’ve been hearing lately that makes me blind with rage.)

Partial list of people I’m furious with: right-wing media, the con man himself and his family, Republicans who didn’t take an immediate stance against him and stand by it, Christian supporters, protest voters, Bernie Sanders, and deplorables of all stripes. (If you’re not a Christian, but are a decent person, and don’t hear the news much, and actually thought that Trump better aligned with your politics, I’m just resigned to your existence. Oh, honey.)

But there I go, and this is why I should not talk.


  1. Why are you mad at Bernie? You should be mad at the DNC, because Bernie likely would have won.

    1. I was a huge Bernie fan until he failed to concede to Clinton FOR WEEKS after losing—getting his voters all riled up and angry instead of channeling them straight into saving our collective butts from this nonsense.