Thursday, November 3, 2016

NaYoDoMo and other revelations

I’m only three days into the “NaYoDoMo” challenge, and already I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before. Why was I doing exercise that I didn’t enjoy that much, when instead I could have just been doing yoga, by candlelight, in front of a glowing fireplace, EVERY SINGLE MORNING? My days lately have been wall-to-wall work, but at least I sit down at my desk feeling fabulous.

For my “housework every day” challenge (it helps to call everything a “challenge”) I made a list of 30 things I’d like to do over the course of the month and then just plopped them onto my calendar semi-arbitrarily. So far so good, and I’ve got three things cleaned that otherwise would still be dirty (a bathroom, the kitchen floor, and the front yard [I cleaned it of leaves]).

For my “staying off of social media until after dinner” challenge, I’ve noticed that I’m approaching Facebook and Twitter with a bit different mind-set after being away for so long. I feel distanced from everything that everyone is posting, and the political stuff just rolls off me completely. I was surprised (for some reason) to discover that everyone is exactly the same as they were a month ago—talking with the same voice, making the same types of jokes, sharing the same types of stuff. It’s just not as interesting to me as it was, but I think that’s probably healthier.

M.H. has a theory that checking Facebook/Twitter first thing in the morning plays tricks on your mind—giving social media some kind of subconscious importance that it doesn’t deserve and then sucking you into a cycle of keeping up with it all day long. He has been joining me in turning the chatter off until after dinner, and we have both been so much more productive.

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