Thursday, September 6, 2012

My son is not into sports

Dex comes home from a high-school soccer game he attended with a group of friends.

Me: How was the game?
Dex: Pretty good.
Me: Great, who won?
Dex: Um…hmm. I'm actually not sure.
Me: Okay, Dex. There was a ball and two goals. Did the ball go into Senior's goal more, or West's?
Dex: I didn't keep track.
Me: Well, which team seemed happier at the end?
Dex: I'm not sure. Maybe Senior?
M.H.: I really hope there was at least a cute girl involved, because otherwise this is just sad.


  1. I've spent my whole life wondering if I'm the only example of the male half of the human species who has no interest in sports.

    When asked about sports at work (which is inevitable), I usually respond, "Are you talking about the one with the big round ball, the little round ball, or the one with the pointy ends?"

    Should your son's "sports gene" fail to express itself as he grows, you can assure him he is not alone!

  2. p.s. I hadn't noticed you're from Billings. I'm from Bozeman, so perhaps there are two 'not-the-slightest-interest-in-sports' males in Montana!

    Another irony: though I don't care about sports, my son played 4 years of high school football, and loves sports of all kinds. Go figure.

  3. Love your comeback. Really none of us is THAT into sports, including the husband with the snarky comment. :)