Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eggsperiment results

Tomorrow marks three weeks since I gave up eggs. Want to know how that little experiment went?

Well, so did I. I didn't really feel any different, and giving them up was slightly inconvenient, but not really horrible. Just kind of a no-big-deal all around. So I decided today that I'd actually try on those size 10 dresses purchased on eBay to see if there was any change on that front. (One of them I could not quite zip before this, and the other one I could barely zip.)

Whoa. As of now, one of them fits like a glove, and the other one fits like…a pretty loose glove.

I was supposed to "challenge" eggs again tomorrow (i.e., eat some and see how I react), but now I'm not sure it's worth it. In fact, I feel like being more diligent about keeping wheat and dairy out of my diet.

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