Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer hiking, Part III: Does this even count?

We were back in the mountains this weekend, walking around with my parents, my sister, and her three kids. The actual hiking, however, was pretty limited by this little guy:

And probably also this little guy:

Although I think this one might have been able to handle some hiking:

It was fun anyway. We walked around a teeny, tiny lake and then did a teeny, tiny walk up to a waterfall and then found a place to sit near a pretty stream and dipped our feet in. Dex found several huge boulders to climb, so he was happy:

Mik seemed to enjoy himself okay, but the kid's got a reputation now, so I couldn't resist getting this picture of him looking mopey:

The big fun for me, besides hanging out with the family, was playing with my camera:


Then my sister treated us to too much pizza in Red Lodge and we were home in time for M.H. and me to take a long evening walk. Hiking! The end.

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  1. gorgeous in every respect. Thanks for posting! AK