Sunday, August 11, 2013

The joy of the 10-minute workout

Speaking of routines, I realized, too, that I've actually gotten a nice exercise rhythm going this summer, sort of by accident, simply by doing what I've felt like doing. I go to my favorite yoga classes on Friday and Sunday. I walk with M.H. just about every evening, or whenever we want a break from working. And on Tuesday and Thursday, when I haven't done anything hard for a few days but don't have a lot of time, I do a high-intensity 10-minute workout in my office.

At first I went looking online for these 10-minute-type workouts, but I realized that they're mostly all just a series of three or four exercises done over and over for the allotted time. So now I make them up, with occasional trips to the Internet for ideas, and it's a lot more fun. I just make sure I incorporate something for the upper body (like pushups), something for the lower body (lunges), something awkward (side plank leg raises), and something explosive (jumping jacks). There, I just wrote a new workout.* Creativity, but with an underlying structure.

* Except here's how I'd do it:
- One pushup
- Three side plank leg raises on the right side
- One pushup
- Three side plank leg raises on the left side
- Jump feet to hands and stand
- Five jumping jacks
- Ten forward lunges, alternating legs
- Jump feet back to plank position
- Repeat for 10 minutes


  1. I like it. Here is my old lady, low impact version: Pushups would be wall or knee (depending on ability). Side planks would be with knee down. Jumping feet to hands would turn into walk feet to hands and stand. Jumping jacks would probably be side lunges. No change on the forward lunges. Plank would be from knees. Repeat as often as you can in 10 minutes, but be content with one. :-)