Thursday, June 25, 2015

Adventures under the bathroom sink

My errand for the month of June was to clean under the three bathroom sinks and make sure each bathroom was stocked with the appropriate cleaning supplies. The first two were easy, and I took care of them right away. I knew the last one was going to be worse—filled with little bottles of unused products and supplies and science experiments and junk. But I did it! I feel much better about my life, and it really does make it a lot easier to clean bathrooms when you don’t have to hunt all over for the stuff you need.

Good choice for an errand. Five stars. Highly recommend.

My main problem with keeping the amount of “stuff” down in the bathrooms is that we have stopped using a lot of the products that we used to. For example, we’ve swapped out toxic cleaning supplies for homemade or greener ones, but the old ones are still lying around everywhere. I’ve decided to just use them up and be rid of them. As another example (and as I’ve mentioned several dozen times), I have my hair care simplified to the point where I wash it once every week or two with a shampoo bar. I can pawn off my old shampoos on the menfolk, but menfolk don’t use conditioner, apparently. Or facial wash. Or “Oil of Olay.”

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  1. You can use up the conditioner shaving your legs. Or you can donate them to the food bank or sometimes gyms are looking for shower stuff (for people who forget theirs). As for the cleaning supplies, I got to the point where I just tossed them.