Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mint tea from my garden

I was aware that mint is so hardy that it’s basically a weed, but I like the look of it, and the smell, so I planted some in my landscaping anyway. (Also, I think the weed mat under the rocks should constrain it, and I wanted at least one type of plant that I knew I would not kill.)

Anyway, it’s doing really well—the two clumps in the picture aren’t even the half of it—and I decided I’d better find a culinary use for mint ASAP. So yesterday I snipped off several stems, removed the leaves, rinsed them, and dried them in the sun for a few hours. They got nice and crispy, and I brought them inside and ran them through my food processor for a couple of pulses. Mint tea like magic!

The summer mornings are delightfully cool here in Montana, and I am currently enjoying a nice hot cup of my dominion over nature.

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