Friday, June 26, 2015

Thinking like a homemaker

I came across an interesting blog post about the term “homemaker,” and I have to say, I like the idea of being a better one. Really M.H. is our home manager, since he’s in charge of the schedule and the shopping and the budget and the laundry and the driving and our overall care and feeding. But his plate is full with all of that (plus writing books), and he doesn’t focus much on making things more homey.

I think that’s where I’m supposed to come in.

The problem is a little bit that I’m already busy, but mostly that I don’t feel like I have much of a knack for homemaking, and I’m really not willing to spend a lot of money on things that might make our home more inviting. For example, you would be hard-pressed to find decorative items around here that aren’t homemade, hand-me-downs, gifts, or straight from a garage sale. (And the ones I did pay real money for mostly fill me with regret.)

But I’m thinking the heart of the issue is more than decorating anyway—I just have to be thoughtful enough to figure out what my kind of homemaking looks like. This would make a good theme for July!

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