Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bad decisions

Saturday: Yoga, bike 40 miles

I guess I was really annoyed about being defeated by the uberhill route the other day, because I decided to do it yet again. It started off being a good decision. No wind, no traffic, nice and cool, and the climbing is still getting easier every time. I decided to ride all the way into the town of Molt before doubling back to make my loop, which was exciting because I crossed the county line again. (Don't know why that makes me feel like such a daredevil…)

Unfortunately, a storm crept up on me while I was up there, and when I turned off to make my loop back home, I realized I was going to be riding right into it. I hadn't brought any extra clothes*, but I figured that's all part of the getting-tough process. Then I saw several lightning strikes and rethought that toughness thing a bit. Um, yeah, better go back the way I came instead.

So I headed back, but it started pouring rain on me anyway. The wind was chilly, and it looked to me like things were only going to get worse. Just then I saw a car pull up to a mailbox, and I figured it might be my only chance to ask another human being for shelter. I asked the woman if I could duck into her barn for a minute, and she said sure. So I walked my bike down the dirt driveway*, got out of the wind, and stopped to think.

Eventually I decided the best thing to do was to call my husband and have him rescue me* before things got really nasty, but darn it, there was no cell signal. I stood there a while debating about going up to the house, but then the rain died down, and I decided I was being a wimp and needed to get back out there. Unfortunately, by that time, my tires and biking shoes were covered with mud, and when I got back to the road, I couldn't clip in.

I pedaled for a while anyway but realized that if I couldn't clip in for the descent I was probably going to CRASH and DIE, so I stopped again and used my fingernails and most of my water** to clean off the clips. Eventually made it work, and eventually made it home. Then stayed in the bathtub for an hour and a half.

I keep reminding myself that it is good to get a lot of varied experience and good to learn from mistakes right now.

* Bad decision
** Seems like a bad decision but was probably for the best


  1. I had a track coach who made us practice in rain, snow,and wind. He told us you never know what the weather will be on the day of the event. If you train in it you will be prepared for it. I never forgot that and never let the weather dictate my training. (Lighting is the exception, it will kill you). Great post keep working hard....Pat

  2. that which does not kill you... ;)