Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A small sampling of what's going on in my head

Monday: Yoga, bike 17 miles
Tuesday: Swim 1,500 yards
Wednesday: Walk 2 miles

I'm getting overwhelmed thinking about all the things I need to do to get ready for the Ironman. I thought I had my priorities in order (bike, bike, bike, swim, and yoga) but not running has me feeling fat and panicky. Isn't that the best way to lose some weight (and isn't that the real priority)? Shouldn't I be trying out my hip and making the call whether I need physical therapy while there's still time? And when I swim, I wonder if I should be working solely on endurance (10 months early) or try to work on speed (for the leg of the race where I will least need it). Should I do freestyle only, or should I keep my other strokes practiced up so they'll be available to me if I need them? Maybe I really shouldn't worry about swimming at all just yet? And even yoga has me worried. There's no doubt in my mind it's beneficial, but is it beneficial enough? Would my time be better spent on weights? If I do weights afterward, will I get less benefit because I'm already fatigued? Or will I just burn out from too much time in the gym? On top of all this, my motivation is waning (again, 10 months early). The more I think about everything I need to do and how I can possibly schedule it, the less I want to leave this chair.

So my plan for today is to make a plan. Just a short one, like from now until school starts. And I'm also going to do some more research on what an Ironman training plan should be so I can form some of the broad outlines of the rest of my year is going to look like.


  1. Hey Julie, Pat here, I have been reading your blog but now I need to give you my 2 cents. Your background is swimming like mine is..don't worry about the swim. Just get the distance in as you get close to the race. I always considered the Ironman swim a warm up for the rest of the day...for the bike again get the distance in that you feel confident that you can complete the distance in a decent time. Spin class during the winter will help..For the run HEAL HEAL will be a long winter on the treadmill in Montana. When you are ready to get outside and run or walk..then focus on that..because you have the other two down....the goal is to have fun and finish....never let that out of your will do great....remember nothing is impossible...

  2. Thank goodness I have a Ironman finisher reading this blog… never leave me!! Thanks for the advice. I will hit the bike harder while the weather is nice. Getting the kids back in school next week will help.