Monday, August 2, 2010

8 miles of fail

Monday: Run 8 miles, bike 3 miles

So the "just ride" mantra is great, but there's also the small problem of the Montana Marathon to worry about. Right now I'm sincerely wishing I had not signed up for it. It's just a little under seven weeks away, my longest training run of 15 miles was about five weeks ago, and I'm going to be on vacation (and not planning to run) for a week starting Wednesday. Plus, and probably most importantly, I should be using this time to rehab my hip, not train for a marathon on it.

Today I was hoping to get in another long run before we leave, but I was also trying to be realistic. I would shoot for 15, but be happy with 13 if I just didn't have it in me. (And if all was going swimmingly, I'd go ahead and do 16.)

Ha. Guess I really didn't have it in me. There were so many things going wrong at once that I don't even want to talk about it. Obviously I'm still worn out from the half-ironman. But I'm very discouraged that I can be ready for this race in the amount of time I have left.

Time to think seriously about what to do. I really hate to waste the $60 entry fee, but I also don't want to do something stupid that will ultimately jeopardize the Ironman. And it might just be my tired legs talking, but frankly I don't even want to do this race.


  1. Don't do it Julie. Your brain & body're telling you need rest more than running. What you DON'T want to happen is to get completely disheartened and take months to get your head back in the game. In the giant scheme of things $60 bucks is a drop in the bucket. Listen to yourself!!

  2. I agree with Jen. I've wasted many bucks on races that I had to drop out of (and $60 for a marathon isn't bad to lose). It's so much better to rest, and rest well, before starting your Ironman training. You want to WANT to do a race, especially a marathon. If it were a half, I'd say go ahead and do it for fun. But this is a much bigger undertaking.

    Also, I want you to enjoy your vacation, putting all race thoughts out of your head. You just accomplished something freakin' amazing; your body is begging for a break.