Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tough enough

Bike: 30 miles

Another good ride. I am trying not to obsess over the mileage, so I've been keeping the bike computer set to display the average speed instead. Of course, that means I obsess over the average speed a bit, but maybe that's a good thing. Yesterday was a hilly route, and I averaged 14.8 mph. Today was much flatter, and I averaged 15.3 mph. That's pretty good for me!

So of course the point of all this biking is to get used to a variety of situations, and just generally get tougher. Today I came home with:

1. My shins coated with gravel.
2. Giant sweat stains on my shirt.
3. Two saddle sores the size of nickels (pre-existing).
4. A grasshopper in my hair.

How do you like me now? Am I tough enough yet?


  1. Ha ha ha ha! I love that a grasshopper joined you on your adventure! Did you keep it? Name it? You're the toughest out there!

  2. M.H. noticed there was something funky in my hair when I walked in, and I jokingly said, "A grasshopper?" because I had seen about a million of them on my ride. He replied, "Maybe," so I went outside and shook my head. AAAAAND, yep, a live grasshopper. Must have gotten stuck under the helmet or something. That is so gross.