Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aw, sugar sugar

So for the past several years, I've planned a "sugar fast" between Halloween and Christmas, excluding only birthdays and holidays. I wasn't going to bother this year because I thought I had the whole sugar issue under control, but guess what happened!! We bought a bag of crazy-evil Halloween candy!! On the 29th, it started seductively whispering my name, and I convinced M.H. that we should make a tiny incision in the bag to pull out a couple of fun size candy bars—it was his gallbladder surgery that gave me the idea—and that way the kids wouldn't even realize it had been opened.

Of course "a couple" turned into a couple more, and then a "couple" more the next day, and then a complete avalanche on Halloween itself. (Side note: We also gorged on kale chips, because my sister-in-law and family were in town, and that was what my nephew requested for a treat. They are better than I remember.)

Then I had a sugar-free day; then I went to my dad's birthday party yesterday and had ice cream plus a million more fun-sized death sticks at their house (apparently acceptable under the birthday exception clause).

So I kind of think a strict sugar ban is in order after all, even though I wish I were mature enough to just eat responsibly without a stinking rule. Actually, what I wish is that our culture wasn't so saturated with sugar, because think how easy this all would be if the law didn't require cake and ice cream on every birthday and a giant bag of candy on every Halloween.

The co-conspirator,
and Mik at his most photogenic,
on the photo shoot.


  1. This is a great picture of Michael!

  2. Hurricane this week somehow ridiculously licensed me to eat more sweets in six days than I have probably eaten in the previous three months combined!