Sunday, April 10, 2011

Epic confessions

Saturday: Bike 73 miles, run 4 miles
Sunday: Yoga

I decided to suck it up and do "Epic Iron Day" on the trainer. Yep. Four hours and 35 minutes staring at a wall in my basement with only an audiobook player for company. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I was actually kind of enjoying the new book I started, which was a Smmpmmm Pmmmmmm nommmsmm.

Oh, you didn't catch that? A novel from the Stemmmmmppy Pmmmmm series.


Stepmmmmny Plmmnnann.

Oh, fine. The Stephanie Plum series. It was a Stephanie Plum novel, and I liked it. OKAY?? HAPPY?



  1. That is some seriously epic trainer riding - good job getting it done!

  2. I like the Stephanie Plum series also; it is fun, funny, and easy on the brain while it is engaged in something challenging like a seriously epic training ride.

  3. Yeah. I had told Mom I'd read one and was a little surprised not to hate it. It's not the kind of thing I usually read, but I thought it felt a bit like Junie B. Jones for grown-ups. (Which is a good thing.)

  4. I use either books on tape or movies to keep me going on the trainer. The audiobooks I use at the gym though while I have people to keep me visually entertained. I find the books don't work while staring at a wall; I need the visual.

    Congrats on the extended trainer ride though. That's an awful long ride.