Monday, March 30, 2015

March wrap-up

Geez, another month is almost over. Must be time to start thinking about how I’ve done on my March resolutions:
  • Goal: Check! The scarf is finished. Useless now that it’s spring, but finished.
  • Rule: Check! Not only was I good about doing my shoulder rehab, but I also did a bunch of other upper-body stuff with Mik. My shoulder is close to cured. Actually, the left one has been bothering me more than the right one that I originally injured. I don’t know if that means that some of my rehab is not really that helpful or what. When Mik goes back to swimming, I’ll switch to only lower body weights and see if totally resting both shoulders for a while gets them back to normal.
  • Errand: Check! I sold my unused skillet almost instantly, and then I went ahead and also sold several other big-ticket items via the magic Facebook group I discovered. (I didn’t take care of February’s errand, but my excellent excuse still applies.)
  • Affirmation: I don’t know if I get a “Check!” because I haven’t really been reminding myself of this daily, as I’d planned. Still, I’ve noticed that recently I’ve been much more likely to just take care of things rather than stare at them for weeks, so maybe I internalized the message (“If something about my life is bothering me, I take care of it right away”) anyway.
  • Theme: Midway through the month I switched from tracking my own stuff to tracking Mik’s weight training. There’s only so much mental energy available, I think, for tracking things. But I’ve been continuing to pay attention to how the things I do make me feel, and I’m mentally developing a plan for how I want to eat once things get back to normal around here.
I have known since January that the theme for April was going to be “Sunshine,” but other than that, as far as what I choose for next month, your guess is as good as mine.

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